Ministry Bio

Kemley Whiteside is a well renown minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Her passion for God has led her to touch many lives abroad.  She ministers with power, and has a strong presence of conviction inspiring many souls to have a second chance at life. She is passionate about teaching the word of God. Her gifts has led her to see many souls heal, delivered, and restored.  She is an anointed vessel who flows with the Holy Spirit by leaving an impartation to many lives through her ministry.

In 2014, Kemley earned her MA in Christian Ministry/Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary.  Her mission is to reach out to those who are hurt, broken, lost, and abused.  She is a servant and equipped to set the captives free.  She has a yearning cry for the ones in need.  She believes in intercession and in the power of agreement through prayer. She is a Pastor who is ordained to build souls to renew their mind.  She is a leader who watches over the sheep by leading them into the path of righteousness and wholesomeness.

In 2015, Kemley saw a great lack of support in the community for all individuals in need to include the individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities.  Seeing her passion for people her led her to be a voice for others.  Kemley is the Founder and CEO of Mahanaim Group Ministries Inc., a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.  The organization continues to be a great asset of service within the community and abroad.

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