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We strive to promote and elevate the Kingdom of God through the Word, by helping you fulfill your purpose to be transformed by the powerful ministry of Kemley Whiteside.

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“For what we preach is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake.”


Do you need coaching on self-improvement, consulting with your church or organization then you are exactly where you need to be. Navigate with me and we can reach your goals together.


I have worked and am working with multiple individuals and organizations to self-improve and coach individuals for the better. Explore their testimonials and you be the judge.

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We believe the best solutions are born from collaboration. Read more about the benefits when you become a partner with me.

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You have entered into a place where you will feel accepted, secured, and significant.

Today, we welcome you to a brand new journey of love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control. Embrace the journey that you are about to embark on, for God is ready to take you promised places. -Kemley Whiteside

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We believe the best solutions are born from collaboration.

Do you have a general question, a prayer request or even want to consult with me you can visit my contact page or book an appointment swiftly. I hope to hear from you soon!


We have worked with many individuals, companies. See what they say about us!

I encourage you to write about your life, an autobiography. You are an inspiration and an achiever. I have some people I know need to hear your story and will need to gift your book to them. The most significant line for me was “self-hatred has no value” and I find that to be the truth.


Pastor Kemley Whiteside truly knows her craft! After a phone conversation that consisted of a description of what I’ve accomplished and where I would like to focus my attention, she immediately discerned my strengths/abilities and coached it in a way that left me with a greater sense of direction and understanding of my goals.

Pastor Whiteside re-energized my vision and boosted my confidence in branding myself now as an Author, Consultant, and Presenter. She demonstrated active listening which resulted in a productive and fruitful conversation.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Pastor Whiteside will bring out the best in all of her clients and leave them satisfied with the services she provides. At a time when I was trying to re-invent myself, Pastor Whiteside was there to support and guide my vision.

Thanks for everything, Pastor Kemley Whiteside!

Mildred Peyton

I was led to buy this book and all I can say is my, my, my. This book speaks to the depths of my spirit man. Touching those dark places that we all like to bury instead of healing. So if you’re looking for an empowering book, I truly recommend this book.


I have read “Accepted, Secured, Significant” and have found Kemley to be very spiritually evolved. In her book, she shares her wisdom and journey of spiritual growth in overcoming life’s most difficult circumstances through her strong faith in God. She guides the reader on a path of enlightenment in order that they too may find God’s will and purpose for their lives.


I’m Accepted. I’m Secured. I’m Significant.

I highly recommend everybody and their mama read, Accepted. Secured. Significant by Kemley Whiteside. The message that God uses her to deliver throughout each page in her book is truly empowering and inspirational. For several years I have been so confused and have been struggling with finding my purpose in life. Her book has really helped me realize that God takes all of us on a journey throughout life so that we can all discover what our purpose is.

Kemley states in her book, ” Purpose means finding passion in what you do and being completely fulfilled while doing it.” Deep down my passion is to help others, it gives me great joy when God uses me to help my brothers and sisters. God uses all of us in different ways to fulfill his purpose. I pray that God continues to bless Kemley throughout her journey, so that he continues to use her to touch the lives of others.

Latoya J

Best book for the soul! This book has helped me to have a restful night of sleep after a stressful week.

Thank you Kim.