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Dr. Mildred Peyton

Pastor Kemley Whiteside truly knows her craft! After a phone conversation that consisted of a description of what I’ve accomplished and where I would like to focus my attention, she immediately discerned my strengths/abilities and coached it in a way that left me with a greater sense of direction and understanding of my goals.

Pastor Whiteside re-energized my vision and boosted my confidence in branding myself now as an Author, Consultant, and Presenter. She demonstrated active listening which resulted in a productive and fruitful conversation.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Pastor Whiteside will bring out the best in all of her clients and leave them satisfied with the services she provides. At a time when I was trying to re-invent myself, Pastor Whiteside was there to support and guide my vision.

Thanks for everything, Pastor Kemley Whiteside!

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