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Latoya J

I’m Accepted. I’m Secured. I’m Significant.

I highly recommend everybody and their mama read, Accepted. Secured. Significant by Kemley Whiteside. The message that God uses her to deliver throughout each page in her book is truly empowering and inspirational. For several years I have been so confused and have been struggling with finding my purpose in life. Her book has really helped me realize that God takes all of us on a journey throughout life so that we can all discover what our purpose is.

Kemley states in her book, ” Purpose means finding passion in what you do and being completely fulfilled while doing it.” Deep down my passion is to help others, it gives me great joy when God uses me to help my brothers and sisters. God uses all of us in different ways to fulfill his purpose. I pray that God continues to bless Kemley throughout her journey, so that he continues to use her to touch the lives of others.

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