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Trailblazer Seminars have been the lifeline of starting and maintaining my business. Kemley Whiteside has given information and action steps that will take you further than your own dreams and desires for yourself and business. Through the Trailblazer Seminars, Kemley provides a wealth of knowledge from her educational background, professional background, and personal experiences. The Seminars are made with you in mind.
I came to the first Trailblazer Seminar as an individual looking to start my business. By the second Trailblazer Seminar, I was three months in to being a business owner. Kemley provided very detailed information needed to start my business. Through her consulting session, she empowered me to think like an innovator, a pioneer, and coached me through the process of starting and handling business matters in excellence. Kemley did this and more with a heart full of compassion and attention to detail.
Now being a part of the second Trailblazer Seminar, I am able to start Phase II and be sure that I finished everything from Phase I. The content in these session are rich. The community is great. More importantly, Kemley wants to see you achieve great things!

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