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Seriously, page 30 of Chapter 2, was speaking directly to me!!!!!!

Seriously, page 30 of Chapter 2, was speaking directly to me!!!!!! So profound of how these 3 paragraphs can emanate the potential in each of you. Read our dear sisters words of inspiration. Each page is geared to any individual and the potential you have to be happy, fruitful and fed. Kudos to you Kemley Whiteside as I read and have been touched and inspired. After a much tumultuous time in my life, family trials, member of parish trials and illness in the early year 2015, reading Kemley Whiteside’s, marvelous inspiring book, “Accepted, Secured, Signficant: Empowering, Igniting, and Fulfilling your Purpose” came at a perfect time at least for me… everything in life is for a reason, purpose and not on our time, but in God’s time. When you do things in his time, the blessings will flourish, when you accelerate them within your own selfish demands and last minute desperation it does not come from God, and fear comes from the adversary. Every chapter in this amazing book, gives you inner strength, hope and faith to stay on the path and keep pressing on. I promise that you will be enlighten by its message because it is for all denominations who have a faith as a supreme being. I am truly inspired that it was written at this time. Please all read, reflect and refer back to it when times of trouble arise. It will truly get you out of the ego and see you through the eyes of the almighty.

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