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What an amazing book by my friend!!!

What an amazing book by my friend, Pastor Kemley Whiteside! This book explains how to be the best version of yourself by putting God first! Order your copy of “Accepted, Secured, Significant: Empowering, Igniting, and Fulfilling Your Purpose” today and begin your journey on fulfilling your earthly purpose! You won’t regret it! Is Wonderful! What I like most about this book and perspective is the sense of application! She is different in a sense that she is really breaking down how to apply the concepts in our day-to-day lives.

“God has given us the tools throughout the Bible to attain success, but using them to good purpose also requires having a plan.”

“Fulfilling purpose will not make you the most well-known person on earth, but it will fulfill your passions.”

“Use the season that you have now to make something productive come out of it.”

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